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Join Us For a GO! St. Louis “garage sale”

November 16, 2011

Technically it’s not a garage sale, because its not in a garage, but we liked the idea of telling everyone we were having a garage sale, because many people equate that with great deals. Everything is under $5.00! Actually, we will be selling past GO! apparel such as Brooks shirts, gloves, hats, along with quite a variety of technical running gear on November 19 at 8:00 am in Forest Park (near the visitor’s center). Also, we will be holding a free group training run. The group run is open to everyone and we will have post-race refreshments, along with reps from Big River Running to answer your training questions. Hope you can make it.


can you believe it? finally, a new blog post!

June 27, 2011

Well, readers, I’m finally here to update the GO! St. Louis blog.  I can’t believe it’s been this long (neither can my colleagues, who hassle me daily about how bored our poor blog readers must be with me neglecting them!).   But, here I am, and BOY do I have some updates for you!

We’re in full swing for our Halloween 10K planning, and this year is going to be the best ever, I can tell you for sure.  I, personally, am working on medal and t-shirt designs, and will have some concepts to show you in the next few weeks.  They are going to be great.  We are also once again working with Cardinals Care to do race management for their Cardinals Care 6k this coming September.  It was a great first event last year, and we look forward to a really fun weekend with them!

 Some of our other projects for the summer include doing an intensive look at our registration needs – for participants, volunteers, and our youth programs.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly technology advances. I thought I was relatively up-to-date on how registration systems worked for event planning.  I’m relatively young (although, don’t get me wrong, I know already that most grade school kids know more than I do about computers) and I’ve been working with runner registration for many years now.  So I thought I had a pretty good grasp on how registration systems work.  Oh wow, was I wrong!  There are some amazing new things going on in the running industry – and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the results of my research.   Stay tuned for updates on how we proceed with our findings! 

And finally, my own household, the Langenberg crew, has big news.  There’s another little Langenberg on the way!   Due January 8, 2012!  With that said, although I’ll retain all of my job duties at GO! St. Louis, we’ve decided to change the blog into a collective staff writing endeavour.  That way, while I’m out (and then while I’m chasing two kiddos around!)  you all won’t miss out on the happenings and exciting activites at GO! St. Louis.  I’ll still write from time to time, but you will get to hear updates from Brian, Jeff, Nancy, and some new folks, too!

Happy summer running to all!

keeping afloat!

March 31, 2011

It’s getting pretty crazy this week, and we’re in that stage of operations where we’re all not quite sure we’ll make it through till race day.  Now don’t worry, we WILL make it (the race will go on!), but you know that feeling, where you’re just barely keeping afloat….yeah, we’re there :0)

I wanted to share with you a photo of what’s currently going on outside my office door!  A group of seniors, from Garden Villas South, is working to stuff packets for the Mature Mile event (which I think both of the ladies pictured here will be doing!)

We have such great fun seeing all of the people who come through the office these last couple of weeks.   So while I say we’re barely keeping our heads above water, don’t for a second think we don’t love every minute, and will miss it when it’s over!   Hope everyone’s getting excited for next weekend!

Don’t forget: registration closes tomorrow (Friday) at 11:59pm and if you’re registered, then look for your final confirmation email and bib number on Tuesday!



drumroll, please…

March 24, 2011

Remember our visualization from last week?  You – arms raised in victory – crossing under our beautiful new inflatable finish line!  Now, add this to it:

Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say today.  Except one last thing: TWO WEEKS!!!!

imagine yourself here…in less than four weeks!

March 16, 2011

Pretty cool, huh?  And soon….there it will be, looming in the distance on Market Street (new finish line street, btw!)…waiting for you runners to cross under it, christening it’s first year as the official GO! St. Louis Finish Line!  And all in less than FOUR WEEKS!  Wow!  Today, we were doing a dry run of the inflating/holding/setting up of it.  Pretty easy to do overall, but always good to do a dry run of these things before event weekend!  And of course, we all wanted to see what it looked like in person!

In other news…we hope you all are enjoying our NEW website!  I think it’s got a great look, and it seems so much easier to find important information.  Let us know what you think of it!  Nice work to Jeff for his many, many hours of work on that!

One more thing for today: after I lured you in with that awesome photo – I have to make a plea for VOLUNTEER GROUPS!  We are in need of groups — 20 or more people – to work at the remaining water stations on the course.  It’s probably one of the most fun volunteer jobs we have – and doing it with your team, co-workers, club…it’s a great experience!   If you have a group that would be interested – contact me for details.

 It’s getting kind of crazy-frenetic around the office these days…long days, many evenings, lots of weekend work — and it all means one thing – we’re getting closer every day!  That’s all for now friends.  Hope I’m leaving you with visions of yourself crossing the finish line under that beautiful inflatable arch :0)

GO! bananas, indeed

March 9, 2011

Tomorrow, the staff of GO! St. Louis will hit the streets for the inaugural GO! Bananas campaign.  Our goal is to encourage people to eat a healthy diet – of which fruit (bananas!) is an important part.  Staff and volunteers of GO! will distributing over 4,500 bananas starting at 7:00am in intersections in downtown St. Louis,  Clayton, and Creve Coeur.  

Today is prep day….
8:00am 4500 bananas arrive at office
8:15am  we determine that the bananas can remain on palattes and will not need to be carried case by case into our office.  phew.  (have I mentioned before that working at GO! involves a lot of manual labor in the last weeks before the race?  when deliveries trucks arrive, and they ask:  where’s the dock? who unloads?  — ha.  that would be us.)
9:00am  Each box of bananas needs to be unpacked, stuck with a super fun sticker we made especially for this event, and then re-packaged.  Begin now!

10:00am   Karen, the ‘efficiency police,’  devises a new system for sticking the stickers on without unpacking each box.  Continue sticking stickers.
11:15am   Jeff says, “Mona, you should blog about this.” 
11:30am  Here I am, blogging to you about the bananas!  And humming to myself “Yes, we have no bananas.  We have no bananas today.”

Come find me tomorrow – I’ll be at 4th St. and Market St. downtown, and wearing my bright yellow GO! bananas shirt!!  If you’re not downtown, check out the full details of the event on our website  (our BRAND new website, btw!), and see where else you might be able to snag yourself a banana.

and the countdown begins…

March 8, 2011

Well, folks, this is it: my weeks/then days/then hours until the marathon countdown begins!  FIVE WEEKS TO GO. 

I wil try to update as frequently as I can, so that you can get a taste for what it’s like behind-the-scenes at GO! St. Louis in operations mode — but face it, I’m not that good at updating even when it wasn’t five weeks before the marathon.  Hehe..I’ll do my best.   Today, I’ll give you the highlight of everyone’s day.  Well, at least what *I* think their highlight was, since it’s my blog, I guess I get that perogative.

Nancy:  She finished calculating ALL of the totals for food orders at the finish line.  It’s a science, for sure.  20,000 of this, 16,000 of that…careful ordering is the name of the game. She’s glad to be done!

Brian:  His inflatable start line arch arrived today! Thankfully, he did not try to inflate it inside our building.  Can’t wait to see that on Market Street Sunday morning!!

Kaitlin: She is happy to have fixed our copy machine. Such a bad time of year for a lemon of a copy machine.  She’s hoping that this means the big problems are behind us!

Mike: He is glad that his THREE Mile-By-Mile Marathon programs are all up and running.  (The MBMM is a corporate wellness program that Mike oversees, and we have some great new clients!)

Mona: I was happy to have ordered 25,000 bags (for food), 400 hats (for key leaders), 64 baby onesies and toddler t-shirts (to sell at expo), and 30 singlets (for our pace team) – ALL today – and all in the nick of time.  Phew.

Jeff: Well, I can’t tell you what Jeff’s crowning achievement was, but I can tell you that you’ll notice it very soon! (if you haven’t already)

I realy will try to be better about posting during my ‘countdown’ — so much to do, so much to blog about, and so little time….
Until the next time, runners!